Adjunct Professor Lou Principe is the Catalyst for Change
        I'll show you hands on how to buy houses and commercial proper
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                                    When: June 29th, 2019
                    Where: 2601 N. Elizabeth Ave. Pueblo 81003
                                 Time: 9 A.M. -12 Noon

Innovative Real Estate Programs

1. Creating affordable housing : There are many vacant buildings we can convert to affordable housing. This will be the
fourth affordable housing project I have implemented throughout the US. I will be discussing this exciting project in

2. Buying real estate under Option Contracts with no money down: I will show anyone how to option property with little
or no money down. This is a legitimate opportunity that is different from what is offered at other real estate seminars.
Option contracts are very simple to do and are kept secret from most of the industry. I will give examples of several that I
did and give detailed instruction on how to do it. You do not have to know anything about real estate or be a licensed

Innovative Marketing Call Center

Free job training for the unemployed and underemployed: Who is the most important person in your business? It’s not
who you might think. From the very first person who comes into contact with the customer - the receptionist – to the
delivery driver to the telemarketer, all team members are equally important. Therefore, why shouldn’t they all have a fair
share of ownership in the company? A big part of transforming Pueblo is setting up a call center where every time the
booking agent/telemarketer books a contract, they get 50% of the profits after all normal expenses. After one year where
they’ve proven themselves, they will have part ownership of the company.

I developed the curriculum for this type of call center with the Vice President of ATT and implemented it at the
Universities of Central Florida and North Florida. It was so successful that it made the front page of the Jacksonville Times
Union newspaper. It was also implemented at Barnett, the world’s largest plumbing company which relies on
telemarketers. You’ll find video testimonials on my website.

This will be an international call center where people who do not have English as their primary language could come for
one week to learn in their native language the customer service skills we teach and get hired to sell products or services
in their native languages to their countries of origin. The problem with overseas call center representatives is that they
lack the diction and customer service skills to be most effective connecting with clients.  

International Wellness Center Co-op

I will be presenting the concept of a new wave therapeutic community that will attract providers from all over the world.
therapists, as well as physicians, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, etc. Because it is cooperatively owned, everyone
profit shares, making it not only more lucrative for providers, but less costly for the public. We will be brainstorming how
to implement this concept in Pueblo.

Why Pueblo? Why Now?
Pueblo is one of the country’s best kept secrets. The climate is one of the best in the country. Land is cheap. Buildings
are vacant. Unemployment is high, and there is an abundance of unskilled workers who can be trained for a variety of
industries. There are large undeveloped open spaces between Pueblo and Canyon City and between Pueblo and
Trinidad. All of these converging factors make Pueblo ripe for innovation. Pueblo can be a thriving city with a booming
economy and an example to the world, with a little vision and innovating thinking.

Come join the interactive workshop/seminar on June 29th.

Where: City of the Lord house of worship; 2601 North Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, CO 81003.

When: Saturday, June 29th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm  & 1-4

For interviews or media information, please contact Lou Principe at 720-447-7300.

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please sit in the back of the room in the glass-enclosed area.
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