Prison Inmate Testimonials
The folks staying at Lou's Homeless Hotel get
four weeks of shelter, training and meals. After
that, motel workers have enough training to get
into the workforce and  Principe  helps them get
jobs, they are just not returned to the streets.
Principe has over 50+ years experience
teaching self-image psychology, customer
service and sales. He has spent the past 17
years volunteering his time training those about
to be released from prison and the homeless.

Principe's  is looking to put together a team  of
retired executives to  help set up this program in
your city. This is a one of a kind  program that
has proven sustainable  documented results.
For additional information please call Lou's cell
phone: 720-447-7300
37% Increased Knowledge - 95% approval rate
Lou as Chairman of the Interact Club in 1970 painted the Broward
County Juvenile Detention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with
high school students from Coconut Creek High School.
Lou was sworn as a Police Officer in 1969 and recruited by the FBI
to help capture Public Enemy #1.

As a resource person, Lou has been involved in finding corruption
in corporations, government agencies and police departments over
the past few years..

Lou found three terrorist in Florida being trained by a Retired

Two letters by a former agent and a senior official from the C.I.A.
were sent recommending Lou to the C.I.A. to help find people of
high intelligence at his seminars.
The Homeless Hotel
Isaiah 42:7 "to open eyes that are blind, & free the captives from the prison house" of their mind.
As a police officer, who was the most dangerous person
I ever arrested? On my way home from a date, a car
pulled up besides me and a person in the car yelled out
to me, “FBI, pull over.” I took my gun and badge from
under my seat with my gun in my right hand by my side
pointing down. I said: “Police officer, get out of the car
slowly.” The driver responded: “Lou, Chief Malphurs
told us we can talk to you. We really are FBI.” I heard my
name. I heard Woods’ name, and the driver stuck his arm
out the window. In his hand was his FBI identification. I
was stunned: I put my gun and badge in my pocket. The
agent asked if I knew the girl I went out with tonight. I
told him I had just met her at the Dairy Queen. I did not
even know her last name. He asked if she knew I was a
police officer. I told him it never came up. I did
undercover drug work at times, and everyone knew me
as the kid working at Dairy Queen, but no one knew I
owned it. The other FBI agent explained that she and
her boyfriend had committed several bank robberies in
Arkansas, as well as murder. They were holding off
arresting her hoping the boyfriend would show up. The
agents said, “The chief approved you for a special
assignment with the FBI. to help capture Marvin
Grissom, the boyfriend, who was on the Most Wanted
List. The next day, the FBI wired my car and told me not
to carry a gun or my Police ID and “to spend as much
time as I could at her house waiting for Marvin to make
contact with her. No one has any idea what went through
my mind the few days I spent several days at her house.
“I’m a dead man.” I had no idea she was so vicious, she
has seemed so nice. A taxi driver knocked on her door a
few days later and delivered an envelope to her. She
opened it and asked if I could drive her to the Howard
Johnson Restaurant on 441.I asked her where we were
going again in the car, praying the FBI was monitoring
the wire in the car. I had no idea if they heard where we
were going or if they were watching us. The beads of
perspiration were dripping down my neck, my chest
cavity was heaving, and the veins in my temples were
bulging. She asked me if anything was wrong because I
was sweating. I told her I might be coming down with a
cold. After we arrived at the Howard Johnson
Restaurant, we took a corner booth on the left by the
kitchen swinging doors. Our spot was isolated from the
rest of the restaurant. I had a view of Highway 441 and
the parking lot. I was looking around for my FBI contact,
but was nowhere to be seen. I was really sweating at
that point. Not seeing any of the FBI agents, I assumed
they didn’t hear the radio message. When Marvin
showed up, he was going to kill me. In retrospect, I
should have sneaked one of my guns in my socks. We
waited for over two hours; Marvin didn’t show up. All of
a sudden the swinging doors of the kitchen opened. The
FBI agent I knew walked up to our booth and said,
“Officer Principe, would you like to introduce me?” With
that, the woman went into a rage. She stood up
screaming, you’re a #$%^% cop, you $%&^#. She tried to
escape but the agent blocked her path, put her in
handcuffs, and arrested her. I asked the agent, “What if
he shows up, is it just you?” He pointed out the window.
“See the telephone repair people? Did you notice the
painters on the roof when you came in? The bus boy and
the waiter are all agents.” Wow, I never knew how they
operated. Since that day, I have had the utmost respect
for the FBI.

Lou Principe, Real Estate Visionary Marketing
Former Adjunct Professor University of North Florida
& Senior Associate at University of Central Florida
Stretch  your mind to get the Brass Ring in life, who you really are.

What I learned in high school in New Jersey is being taught in the South in a student's fourth year.

Unlock YOUR Mental Handcuffs
We are moving from a Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, the
higher Spiritual Plane we are all trying to achieve. The ability to
realize we are part of Gods Plan, to know good from evil, light
from darkness, and chose to serve the Greatest Supreme Being
in the universe, rather than be in a materialistic world which
encourages the love of money.

Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment, he
replied: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and
with all thy soul and all thy mind. This is the first and greatest
commandant; the second is like unto it, thou shalt love they
neighbor as thyself”. Jesus relentlessly attacked hypocrisy and
spiritual posing. (Acts 4:36-5:11).
Known to cause Cancer. Why do
we market this product?
about your eternal salvation that a microwave moment on earth.

They need to realize they are mentally trapped in Satan's World.
Interviews with homeless people who are no longer
homeless. You will learn the steps they had to go
through to transform their lives. Let us help you set
up a homeless program in your city and it will change
your life forever. To get closer and closer to God I
learned to love strangers as much as I love my own
family. We are all Spirit Children of God Having a
Human Experience.