The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with people are the secrets to success.
This program will motivate,and win you over to a new way of thinking. Lou will give you additional tools
of the mind that are measurable and specific in order to improve your life beyond your wildest

You will learn the ability to make another person’s mind receptive to what you are saying and how to
have the other person respond positively to what you said.  You will be encouraged to think outside the
box, to accept challenges and to stretch our sometimes-recalcitrant, (stubborn), minds.

You will walk out of this class knowing Lou is a master of his trade and your time was well spent.
Partial list of former or present
Ambassador Joe Zappala
Barnett Bank
Beazer Homes
Cardinal Holdings Corporation
Continental Homes
Century 21 Real Estate
David Weekly Homes
D.R. Horton Homes
Drummond Corporation
ERA Realty
Florida Design Communities
Florida Federal Bank
General Homes
Greater Orlando Board of
Hollywood Board of Realtors
Home Savings of America
Houston Home Builders
I.B.M. Business Partners
Lennar Homes
Maronda Homes
Marriott Corporation
Media One Cable
Lake County Association of
Merrill Lynch Pvt.Fund
Mercedes Homes
Media One
Oak Run
Ocala Builders Association
Ocean Village
One Island Place
Pulte Homes
Realtors Association of Miami
Ranchero Village
Ryan Homes
Sanford Police Department
Schultz Homes
State Farm Insurance
St. Pete Chamber of Commerce
Sun State Development
SunTrust Bank
Texas Instruments
The Waterways
U.S. Home
One week Work Force Job Skills Programs being offered in sales, customer
service, real estate sales training, etc.  Wove in to all our courses are Human
Relations skills that have been long forgotten.